"I would travel many miles to hear Barb play and sing.  What I like best is the blend of both delicate and joyful harp melodies and harmonies and occasional bawdy and humorous singing.  Her more serious unaccompanied singing is breath taking."

-Ginny Molgaard

"Thanks again for a great harp experience! I'm no longer intimidated by the instrument and it was great to be able to play several tunes by the end of class!"   

-Mark Forbis, workshop participant 


"What matters is the feeling of the music.  You've got that!"

-Patrick Ball, Harper and Storyteller


"Barbara's workshop was a hit with both adults and children.  The Irish folklore she told and the interpretation of Celtic words made a personal and interesting presentation for everyone to enjoy."

                            -Anne Kohlhaas, Stinson Prairie Arts Council


"Hearing a performance by Barb Evenson is a wonderful mixture of deep melodies and fun-loving tunes.  Her harp and vocals stir the soul and brighten any evening.  Barb transmits the joy she finds in music to her audience and always leaves us wanting more!"

       -Brian Eslinger


"Barb Evenson is a consummate musician who understands and feels the subtle differences between replicating the notes on the page and making music."

                            -Sara Compton, Iowa State Center


"Your playing left me wanting more!"

-Turner Collins, Harper

"Barb's Celtic music weaves lovely and uplifting into harp and song.  Beauty and artistry intertwine into musical bliss!"

     -Deb Kline

"I love listening to Barb play her harp She has a lovely clear tone.  She plays my favorite Irish tunes with grace and expression.  I must admit, I'm partial to the "naughtier" songs in her repertoire, and they're great fun to hear!  And be careful--you might just end up singing along!"

-Doris Nash